GX5 Specifications

  Weight   85 lbs 
  Electrical   120volt / 12amp 
  Air Required   100psi / 8cfm 
  Tank Volume   3 gallon 
  Hose Set   25 feet 

User Friendly Design

  • Heated stainless steel tanks eliminate the need for large, cumbersome steel drums, and solve the problems associated with plastic tanks that cannot be heated
  • Variable speed flow control is adjustable with the turn of a dial
  • Solid, easy-to-use spray machine designed without shortcuts

Low Maintenance

  • The spray gun requires only a few minutes of clean up at the end of the day
  • Hoses do not have to be disconnected
  • Air cap and fluid tip can be cleaned overnight in a safe solution
  • Static mix tube is simply discarded and replaced when ready to spray again

GXPro Front View
GXPro Side View

5-Year No-Hassle Warranty

Every GX5 Spray System comes complete with a 5-year, no-hassle warranty. This long-term commitment to every customer is founded on rock-solid engineering.

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