Langeman Manufacturing

At Langeman Manufacturing, our mission is to develop and produce high quality products for use in the automotive, industrial, and related industries. We take pride in every product that goes out the door. Our reputation has been built off of consistent quality and attention to detail. Learn more about what we do below.

Edge Cutting Tapes

In 1996, WireTrim® was introduced as the first adhesive tape with an embedded wire filament for trimming through thick coatings from the bottom up. Since then, Langeman has produced many variations to suit a wide range of applications. The current line of products falls under two brands: WireTrim® & WrapCut®​. These edge cutting tapes are used for cutting through many types of coatings and films, including:

  • Spray-on truck bedliners
  • Polyurethanes 
  • Polyureas
  • Epoxy coatings
  • Vinyl wraps
  • Carbon fiber film
  • Paint protection film
Edge Cutting Tapes

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WireTrim®       WrapCut®

Spray-On Truck Bedliners

Langeman provides a vertically integrated solution for the spray-on bedliner industry. Over 25 years of experience has enabled us to provide the following:

  • Designed & manufactured spray systems for application
  • Production of polyurethane/polyurea components
  • Distribution of components, supplies & accessories
  • Reliable technical support & customer service

Langeman operates an established network of dealers under two brands: Reflex® & Gardit®. Both of which are versatile, protective coating products with a wide range of possible applications.

Spray-On Truck Bedliners

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Reflex®       Gardit®

Spray Machinery

Langeman designs and manufactures spray machinery engineered to apply plural component, high impact coatings. These spray systems are suitable for a wide range of applications, and are set apart by the use of low pressure technology. Innovative additions to the industry include a unique spray gun, and color injection system.

Langeman Spray Machines

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Langeman Spray Machines