Low Pressure Technology

Langeman spray machines utilize low pressure technology.  The pressure at the tip of the spray gun is only 60-80 PSI, and heated hoses are not required. This unique, low pressure system enables a machine design with several advantages:

Less Overspray & Material Waste

The GX5 Spray System produces very little overspray, which results in a safer and cleaner spray environment. Minimal overspray also means the material will be landing where you intend it to, without waste.

Low Maintenance, Easy-To-Use Machinery

The GX5 requires only a few minutes of clean-up at the end of the day. Machine tanks and hoses do not require any flushing or regular cleaning. The spray tip is simply placed in a cleaning solution to soak overnight.

5-Year No-Hassle Warranty

Every GX5 Spray System comes complete with a 5-year, no-hassle warranty. This long-term commitment to every customer is founded on rock-solid engineering.

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