Edge Cutting Tapes

At Langeman Manufacturing, we have the highest-quality cutting tape available. We produce two types of cut tape. WireTrim, the original edge cutting tape, and WrapCut, which is a fine filament wrap cut tape used for edge cutting on vinyl applications.

WireTrim has transformed the Spray-On Truck Liner industry from relatively obsolete to a prominent automotive after-market business. WireTrim uses high-strength wire filament, and has the ability to cut through the toughest of coatings. The small cutting filament, adhered to the edge of adhesive tape, is positioned on a surface along the desired trim line where the coating is to be applied.

Wrapcut is designed to make vinyl wrap installation a breeze. Developed from our Wiretrim Edge Cutting Tape, Wrapcut has transformed the vinyl wrapping industry. Gone are the days of tediously using a utility knife to get inadequate results. Now you can apply our tape, apply the wrap, cut up and through the vinyl with the cutting filament, and then remove the tape for a nice, clean line. Wrapcut can shave hours off of any installation.

Our mission is to develop high quality cutting tape that can be used for many different applications. Contact us today or learn more about our products by clicking a link above.