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WireTrim is the one invention that has propelled the Spray-On Truck Liner Industry from relative obscurity to the prominent place that it holds today in the automotive after-market. Patented around the world, the main function of WireTrim Edge Cutting Tape is trimming through strong coatings from the bottom up. The method involves the use of a small high-strength cutting filament, adhered to the edge of adhesive tape and positioned on a surface along the desired trim line where the coating is to be applied.

Often referred to as wire trim tape, or wire tape, Wiretrim makes the process of installing a spray on bedliner much faster and easier. It also greatly reduces the chance of damaging the truck bed or body, as the product cuts from the bottom up. There’s no chance of scratching the paint when trying to create a clean edge. Check out the information below to see why wire trim tape is the best option for your installation.

Benefits of WireTrim

  • Enables sharp, precise cuts through tough polyurethane and polyurea coatings

  • Cut from the bottom up, protecting the surface


How to Use WireTrim

  1. Position the tape with the filament bearing edge along the desired trim line

  2. Spray polyurethane/polyurea coating 

  3. Pull the wire filament out and through the coating
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How To Use WireTrim

Sharp, Precise Cuts

With WireTrim, you can be certain to achieve a perfect edge without leaving a mark, or in any way damaging the surface or disturbing the adhesion of the new coating.

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WireTrim Application
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WireTrim Application

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