Application Process

WireTrim is used to trim many types of coatings. Here the application process is illustrated as WireTrim is used to trim a spray-on truck bedliner.

WireTrim Step 1

Step One: Applying

Remove wax and silicone from a dirt free surface. Then apply WireTrim along all trim lines. For best results, notch tape to conform to tight corners and gently stretch the tape around curves.

WireTrim Step 2

Step Two: Masking & Scuffing

Apply PlazMask, our pre-folded masking film, or masking paper, then scuff right up to the wire edge. WireTrim is durable enough to withstand most prep work. WireTrim's patented technology makes it easy to work fast. The special adhesive permits repositioning if required.

WireTrim Step 3

Step Three: Spraying

Proceed to spray the pickup truck bed just as you would normally, directly over the WireTrim tape and any other masking products you used in preparation for the spray job.

WireTrim Step 4

Step Four: Cutting

Pull the wire through the coating to provide a clean finished edge at an angle that suits your style. Choose from standard or heavy duty wire to best suit your application. Always pull wire out as soon as possible after application.

WireTrim Step 5

Step Five: Finishing

Remove PlazMask or masking paper and tape to complete the trimming process. Our ProLine products feature a high tack adhesive, remove slowly to eliminate clean up.