Color Injection

The Pro5 color injection systems uses a separate color line to inject colorant at the the spray gun. Colorant is precisely metered and pressure-injected into the fluid stream, producing a complete and consistent color dispersion.

This process is patented and exclusive to Langeman spray machinery.

Faster Color Changes

The color injection system uses a separate color hose to inject the colorant. Machine tanks and other components will not be affected by changes in color. Color changes are made in just a few minutes.

Color Consistency

The color injection system meters colorant for precise and consistent colors. This system eliminates errors and ensures a proper ratio for optimal appearance and physical properties.

5-Year No-Hassle Warranty

Every Pro5 Spray System comes complete with a 5-year, no-hassle warranty. This long-term commitment to every customer is founded on rock-solid engineering.

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