WireTrim® Tips & Helpful Hints

Roll of WireTrim is spooled backwards

If it appears that your spool of WireTrim tape product has been wound backwards, it actually has only been positioned improperly after its last use. Please note the following steps to rectify the situation:
  • Lift up the end of the tape approximately 1 inch.
  • Separate the double-sided tape from the liner.
  • Hold the liner to the roll of the tape. Do not let it go.
  • Unroll the double sided tape 1 rotation of the spool.
You should now find that the tape should have the liner back on top again and you can now commence using WireTrim for your spray-on truck bed liner project.

It is Hot and Humid

WireTrim edge cutting tape is usable in any temperature. However, we have found that some customers have personal preferences to which tape they use depending on the time of year. Those that find that their TrueLine tape may not be sticky enough during the hot and humid days of summer have successfully switched to ProLine for those few months and then resume using TrueLine once the temperatures decrease slightly.

If switching tape brands does not interest you, RedLine can be used all year round in any temperature.


Adhesive is left behind after tape is removed

As a rule, WireTrim should never leave adhesive residue behind once the tape has been removed from the vehicle. Try pulling the tape at a slower pace in order to ensure that all the adhesive remains with the tape and does not stay on the vehicle.