Why Gardit?

Heavy Duty Protection

Gardit offers the most recent polyurethane/polyurea technology for impact, corrosion, and chemical resistance. It is the best truck bedliner option for heavy industrial use by contractors who constantly slide equipment or shovel materials in and out of their truck.

Hard, Industrial Coating

Hard, Industrial Strength Coating

Gardit is a relatively hard material, providing an extremely resilient film for general use as a bedliner and also for many other industrial applications where paint or powder coating cannot meet the demanding requirements. It has found uses in many industries including automotive, agriculture, construction and signage. The possible applications of Gardit are endless: running boards, rocker panels, fenders, speaker cabinets, sign foam, wood, concrete, and much more.

The Gardit Process

Brilliant, Long-Lasting Color

With a Gardit Spray-On Truck Liner, you can choose a great quality jet-black liner or you are given the option of almost any color you could want. OEM automotive color toners are injected into the chemicals for unmatched UV stability and long-lasting brilliance. A Gardit color match makes for a factory-class, extraordinary truck bedliner.

Gardit Color1

Gardit Color2