Dealer Testimonials


Extreme Coatings Inc.

“We began spraying Reflex about 3 or 4 years ago. We’ve had ZERO comebacks... everybody’s raving about it. We’ve been using Gardit now for about 3 months and we’re finding a whole different niche in the market for this product: we’ve been coating handrails for a local manufacturer and we’re getting good repeat business. Truck owners who need to slide stuff on their beds are getting Gardit and it works well. It goes a long way and the machinery is simple to use.”


Nagel Autobody Inc.

“We’ve been spraying Reflex liners since October 2001 and it’s the best stuff out there as far as I’m concerned. The thing I really like is that it stays flexible, is very grippy and is perfect for pickup truck beds. Spraying the inside of your truck with Reflex not only keeps things from scratching and rusting... but it’s nice to have your load stay where you put it!”

JOSEPH CARDELLO | General Manager

Swartz Ultimate Collision

“The machinery is great... it’s easy to load... easy to clean. Our tech has absolutely no problems with it. Reflex liners have a number of uses. I’ve sprayed Jeeps. I’ve done the floor of a boat, we’ve sprayed dump trailers for construction workers and we’ve even sprayed Reflex on the steps of a private home. We’ve even sprayed the roof of an RV.”


Slick Up Center

“The spray machinery is very high-tech and we can control the spray, resulting in the right consistency every time. We also spray Gardit and we like it a lot. It allows us to attack the commercial industry because of its density and toughness. We’re sticking with both Gardit and Reflex, not only because of their quality and durability, but because of the service from Langeman. It’s an excellent combination.”


Camper City Truck Accessories

“Not only are Reflex truck liners a superior product, we applaud Langeman Manufacturing for its dealer dedication. When Hurricane Katrina hit, we lost our spraying booth which was attached to the main building. Langeman immediately sent us, free of charge, a new spray machine. I’m definitely sticking with Reflex!”  


Art Gamblin Motors

“We’re totally satisfied with the product. Every one of our customers says it’s a far superior product to the others out there. Our car sales managers love it because it gives added value to the product. One of our customers was ‘rippin and ravin’ about Reflex. He had just bought a brand new truck and his crew had loaded a 2500 pound pallet of bricks on the back end. He was afraid the liner would be ruined. To his amazement, after the bricks were unloaded at the job site, you’d never know anything had been placed on the liner. It showed absolutely no signs of wear and tear.”

LARAE RUST | Manager

Larry H. Miller Ford

“Ray, our technician who sprays Reflex, likes the equipment. He says it’s not complicated and has never given him problems. Any time he needs information, the people at Langeman Manufacturing are always quick and willing to lend a hand. The majority of our customers are sold on Reflex liners the minute we show them one of our demo trucks. They like the look of it and are extremely pleased with its grip and durability. We’ve never had one complaint.”


Ed Bozarth Chevrolet Pontiac-Buick

“Reflex is great. I’ve had no complaints from customers: the liner stays nice and shiny no matter what color you use. It doesn’t turn chalky-white like some other products. Our customers just keep coming back. We’ve been using Reflex for 3 or 4 years now and are definitely sticking with it. The spraying equipment always works well... I’ve never had one problem with it and we spray a fair number of liners. The product pretty much sells itself.”


Custom Accessories

“Reflex truck liners... I just love ‘em. They’re great products. I love the way they don’t fade like many other liners. I used to spray another product, but when I switched to Reflex we received many calls from customers who were delighted with the change. With the Reflex set-up, spraying is a lot easier. The truck bed is prepped and sprayed, without having to stir the chemicals frequently. Customers love the way Reflex cleans. Most use a brush or cloth to clean their liners and rinsing is a breeze. We do a lot of custom spraying... like wave-runner racks, we’ve sealed tanks in factories and we’ve even sprayed a baptism tank for a Baptist church. In fact... you name it, and we’ll spray it!”