The Reflex® Process

Professionally Trained Dealers

Reflex Truck Liners are applied by authorized dealers. All Reflex dealers are professionally trained at the Langeman Tech Center.

How long is the application process?

A standard Reflex Truck Liner can be applied (including prep time) in a few hours. Time may vary according to custom job details. Please discuss with your local dealer for a more accurate time estimate.

When is Reflex ready for heavy use?
Recommended wait time before heavy use is 24 hours.

Langeman Spray Machinery

Reflex is applied with Langeman spray machinery, which has been specifically engineered for Reflex materials. 

Langeman Spray Machines

Does the spray machinery make a difference?

Absolutely. It is critical that a consistent and accurate ratio is maintained throughout the spray process. Langeman spray systems are engineered for the properties of Reflex components. This ensures that Reflex will cure properly and maintain it's physical properties exceptionally well.

Langeman Spray Machines

Engineered Safety

To assure a safe application process, Langeman has engineered a Truck Liner Work Station for spray-on truck bedliner application. This work station has been designed to maximize air movement, eliminating dead air spaces within the work area. Langeman has made it easy to comply with all safety standards. 

Truck Liner WorkStation

Professional Training

Breathe Clean Air

Using the OSHA 47 Test Method, independent lab results show that the applicator is exposed to less than half the acceptable level of MDI. When testing the surrounding shop air, there is no detectable level of MDI, and thus no exposure. Furthermore, by using a Supplied Air Respirator System the applicator is breathing safe, clean shop air while spraying, and has virtually no exposure to any level of MDI.

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