WrapCut®  Testimonials

CHARLIE J. | Peoria, IL

CJ Signs, www.cjstars.com

This stuff works amazing. Definitely a time saver and kept us from having to cut on the vehicle.

DOUG G. | Inver Grove Heights, MN

Mobile Customs, www.mobilecustoms.com

Just finished this Chevy Sonic using Wrapcut and it worked great! Customer wanted the design to follow some of the body lines perfectly (particularly around the wheel wells) so this was a great option as opposed to trying to design and plot it out and match everything up. Worked off of a rough sketch over a photo to lay out the tape, then cover it all in the film and pulled the tape up carefully but quickly to make sure it cuts smoothly. For anyone considering trying WrapCut, have no fears, it works great.

JAMIE M. | Nashville, TN


Having the filament on one side of the tape is genius! If you apply it with the filament to the inside once you cut you don't have to pull the tape from beneath the vinyl. This is very clever.
The spool makes things very easy, Helps keep the tape straight!

MIKE N. | Plano, TX

Novo Wraps, www.novowraps.com

Used WrapCut on this bumper wrap we did last week. Worked great, as usual :)

SCOTT W. | Dundas, ON

Watsons Engraving & Signage, www.watsonengraving.com

We also used the Wrapcut tape for the first time on this to trim along the top and around the front curve, I was VERY impressed with that product as well!