6 Popular Truck Bed Cover Options

by Unknown | Aug 04, 2017
Truck Bed Cover

Our premium spray-on truck bedliners Reflex® and Gardit® provide ultimate protection to your truck bed. With our liners, there’s no need to worry about using your truck too heavily. Our spray-on liners provide protection against scratches, dents, rust, and corrosion. They are just the absolute best on the market!
To compliment your spray-on bedliner, you might consider using a truck bed cover. Truck bed covers provide you with a fresh look, they boost your fuel economy by decreasing drag and they provide added security. With so many options on the market, it’s tough to know what’s right for you. We’ve outlined some of the most popular options, along with their key features:  

Option 1: Soft, roll-up 

• Versatile, affordable 
• Fast and easy to use 
• Tool free installation 
• Simple to access the truck bed 

Option 2: Flip cover

• Secure, lockable 
• Access to entire truck bed without removing the cover
• Quick access to your truck bed 
• Maintains shape in harsh conditions

Option 3: Soft tri-fold

• Easy to fold into compact unit 
• Removable in seconds 
• No drilling required 
• Tear-resistant, double sided vinyl 

Option 4: Hard tri-fold

• Easy-open, versatile design 
• Great protection 
• Easy to install, simple to remove 

Option 5: Retractable

• Opens and closes easily 
• Clamp on design 
• Low-profile design 
• Strong and rugged 

Option 6: One piece, hard cover 

• Heavy duty, secure, lockable 
• Quick and easy removal
• Weather tight seal 

Before investing in a truck bed cover, do your research! Make sure the cover will perform when and how you need it to. Always remember that the true value of your pick-up truck lies in its bed. Show your truck the love it deserves with premium protection. Learn more about our truck bedliner options here.