4 essential car wrapping tools

by Unknown | Jul 19, 2017
WrapCuts and Box

Having the proper set of tools on hand while vinyl wrapping vehicles is essential. There’s plenty of tools to choose from like magnets, cleaning solutions, and infrared thermometers. Not all are necessary to get your job done. We’ve narrowed it down to 4 absolutely mandatory wrap installation tools that need to be in your tool box ASAP.  

1. WrapCut 

We might be a bit biased but our WrapCut fine filament edge cutting tape makes #1 on the list. Use WrapCut to trim vinyl vehicle wraps without a knife. It’s easy to use and will save you time, and money.  Our cut tape is the strongest and most affordable on the market. Learn more about how to use WrapCut and check out application videos here

2. Squeegee 

Application squeegees are used to smooth out vinyl wraps during the installation process. You’ll want to test out a few different kinds to find the right fit for your application. Not all squeegees possess the same stiffness so it’s important to work with ones that will provide optimal performance around deep contours or tricky areas. Felt tips are often placed on the edge of a squeegee to limit any damage to the vinyl during installation.

3. Glove 

Many wrap installers can’t work without a soft set of polyester gloves. The gloves prevent any hand or finger prints being left on the vinyl film and they allow the installer’s hands to glide smoothly across the wrap. They also provide protection to the installer's hands against any heat from the heat gun.

4. Heat Gun 

Heat is used to soften and stretch the vinyl film. A heat gun with variable temperature settings is desirable. When using a heat gun it’s important to be careful not to overheat, causing damage to the film.  

At the end of the day, ensuring optimal levels of professionalism is key. Choose the proper tools for your wrap installation jobs that will keep customers coming back for more.