How to Become a Certified Vinyl Wrap Installer

by User Not Found | Nov 25, 2016
The ability to perfectly apply and install vinyl vehicle wraps is a skill that is currently very high in demand. More and more companies are looking to outfit their fleet of vehicles with an eye-catching design, and even small business owners view vinyl graphics as a great way to advertise while out on the road. The food truck phenomenon has opened a whole new market for vinyl applications, while some car and truck enthusiasts simply want to own a vehicle that's totally unique. With pickup truck sales on the rise, jumping by 8% in August of 2015, there are even more opportunities for trained vinyl appliers to use their skills to apply vinyl vehicle wraps on trucks.

There are a number of professional certification courses and classes you can take from graphics companies to become licensed as a professional wrap installer and get paid to work in this exciting, emerging field. Here's what you can expect to learn in order to jumpstart your career in vinyl wrap application.

Hands-On Learning

Vinyl application is not something you can learn by watching an online video or listening to a lecture. You need to find a program that offers as much hands-on experience as possible, since the best way to improve your skills is by practicing and making (and learning from) your mistakes.

Know the Science

There's a certain amount of physics and chemistry that goes into a perfect vinyl wrap application. You'll need to carefully monitor the heat and tension throughout the installation process, and learn how dust or other contaminants might affect the overall finish.

The Right Tools

Few vinyl applications are cut by hand anymore. Instead, installers place a vinyl wrap tape along the desired edges that will need to be cut. A fine filament is separated from the wrap tape and pulled upwards for a clean, precise cut, every time. This is especially useful for odd angles and corners around truck bedliners, for instance. Some training programs even include a kit of tools, with rolls of print film, vinyl wrap tape/cutting tape, cleaning and heating supplies.

Find a hands-on, technical, and state-of-the-art vinyl application program to help you get the skills you’ll need to break into this booming business.