Why Truck Bedliners Are Important

by User Not Found | Aug 16, 2016

It is no secret that pickup trucks are a popular vehicle in the United States. In 2012, there were 1.6 million sold. That number grew in 2013, as for every eight new vehicles sold, one was a full sized pickup truck. These vehicles are domestically made, with 90% built by Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors.

Buying your truck is an investment. It is important to take care of your truck properly, but sometimes, loading and carrying heavier objects can lead to scratches, dents, and rust in your truck bed. In order to not compromise the quality of your new investment, it is important to invest in truck bedliners. Read on to learn more.


What is a truck bedliner?

Truck bedliners are protective coatings that cover your steel truck bed. They offer a coating of protection so any cargo you carry will not damage the metal. In some cases, they offer non-slip, skid resistant surfaces.

Spray bedliners are the most convenient option for anyone looking to install a truck bedliner. In comparison to drop in bedliners, these offer customization to any truck no matter the make or model. As they are applied with a bedliner spray gun they offer a complete water tight seal, and are corrosion resistant. They are long lasting, can reduce road noise, and may even increase the resale value of your truck. In addition, they are extremely versatile as many textures are available. Depending on your needs, you can choose smooth and hard, or more of a rubberized, non-slip surface.

For spray on bedliners, they can be applied either by either a professional dealer or a factory installation. Obtaining a spray on bedliner by a certified dealer instead of a factory will bring many advantages:


1. By going to a professional, they will be able to dedicate more time and effort to your truck. This means that they will be able to better prepare your truck, which subsequently leads to a higher standard of bedliner adhesion.

2. The material used by these professionals is typically thicker and of a higher quality. This leads to a more durable, long-lasting protection.

3. If anything happens to your vehicle and the truck bed sustains damage, then you are able to bring it into the dealer for a repair. This is typically not available if you get a factory produced/dealership installed liner.


It is important to invest in a good quality bedliner so your truck bed does not erode, rust, or acquire any dents. Looking to offer spray on bedliners to your clients? Contact Langeman Manufacturing today to become a Reflex® or Gardit® spray on bedliner dealer.