5 Benefits of Spray on Bedliners

by User Not Found | Jul 28, 2016

Langeman BlogPickup trucks are incredibly popular vehicles in the United States. For every eight cars sold in 2013, a pickup truck was one of them, and sales of these trucks jumped 8% in 2015. Because their popularity is only increasing, it is imperative for truck owners to invest in truck bedliners.

Truck bedliners are protective coatings that shield the inner side of a truck bed. They offer a skid resistant protective coating to prevent items from shifting during transport. Here are five advantages of using a spray on bedliner:

1. A custom fit

Spray on truck bedliners provide custom fitting to the truck bed. Other options like drop-in bedliners or carpet bedliners are only for specific sizes, generally newer more updated models. Plus, truck beds can be between five feet and eight feet long, so finding the appropriate size for your vehicle can be challenging. Locate a dealer near you to customize your truck with a spray on bedliner.

2. Does not move

With other bedliner options, there is always the risk of the liner shifting, which can scratch your paint. With spray on bedliners, you do not have to worry about any scratches, dents, or abrasion as it adheres directly onto the truck. Additionally, because they are airtight, you will not have to deal with moisture accumulation. Cracks or rips that can happen to other bedliner options can cause corrosion or rust, resulting in unnecessary expensive repairs. 3. It looks good

The texture and shine of a spray on bedliner is unmatched. Spray on truck bedliner customers can choose whether they would like to have a standard black liner, or a different color to match to the color of their truck. The color matching option is not available to those who choose drop in liners.

4. Low Maintenance

Those who choose a spray on bedliner will not have to worry about any additional maintenance to ensure quality. It is a spray and go option, which is convenient for many who do not have the time or resources to dedicate to time consuming maintenance and repairs.

5. More Space

Because it is not a bulky item, spray on bedliners leave more room in your truck bed for your cargo, allowing you to maximize your space.