WrapCut PRO 150FT
WrapCut PRO 150FT
Product: 8661300

3/16-Inch X 150 Feet. Used to make precise trim lines through many printed vinyl and protective film products. The cutting filament is ALWAYS at the very edge of the tape, producing a perfect cut every time. Tackier, slightly wider, and stiffer tape compared with our original WrapCut product. Produces impressively straight cut-lines. Conformable around irregular shapes and angles.

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WrapCut® Fine Filament Tape is the best alternative to a metal blade for making precise trim lines through most printed vinyl and protective film products including paint and epoxy coatings. This innovative tape was designed to meet the needs of those who demand excellence with every project. With a small diameter cutting filament located at the outside edge of the tape, WrapCut enables easy trim line location producing a perfect cut, where you want it, every time. WrapCut not only produces impressively straight trim lines but also conforms contours and angles. WrapCut is supplied on ergonomic protective plastic spools for easy handling and application to your entire project.

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