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Reflex® Product Information

All Reflex Spray Systems are engineered, manufactured and guaranteed to be the highest quality systems in the spray-on truck bed liner market. Reflex is a simple to use and completely portable system, engineered to require minimal operator training. The patented spray gun is easy to use and virtually maintenance-free.

Reflex GXPro Machine

GXPro Spray System

The GXPro is the most economical spray machine. It is all you need to apply professional grade truck bedliners. No other machine in the world of spray-on bedliners comes close to matching this user-friendly technology.

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GXci Machine

GX Color Injection System

The exclusive, patented GX Color Injection system precisely meters the colorant and pressure-injects it into the fluid stream, producing total, thorough color dispersion. OEM automotive-grade paint toners and pigments make Reflex bedliners attain outstanding opacity and UV stability for long-lasting brilliant color.

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Polyurea Hybrid Chemistry

Polyurea Hybrid Chemistry

The extreme flexibility of a Reflex spray-on bedliner provides a rubbery, non-slip, textured surface that grips your cargo and holds it in place. It won't crack, peel or warp and permanently protects your truckbed from abrasion and rust.

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TruckLiner Workstation Drawing

TruckLiner WorkStation

Langeman Manufacturing Ltd. engineered the airflow dynamics to maximize air movement, eliminating dead air spaces within the work area while reducing air consumption from within the building.

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